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How to Keep Area Around Bird Cage Clean?

how to keep area around bird cage clean

Owing a pair of cockatiels is pleasant and not demanding. Your lovely birds are cuddly and humorous. They are fun to watch, beautiful and intelligent. Real talk, keeping cockatiels in a small apartment might be challenging. How to keep area around bird cage clean? Your feathered friends require a great deal of attention. You are to play and interact with the birds every day. Parrots may chirp loudly, annoying your neighbors. And they are mad messy. Cockatiels distribute their droppings, debris and old feathers throughout the room. Cleaning the cage might become a challenging task. How to do it properly? After getting some tips and ideas, you’ll realize what to start from.

How Do You Mess Proof a Bird Cage?

If you live in a tiny apartment or a studio, it’s not heavy. You shouldn’t be tight over that. City dwellers commonly face this choice. It’s popular due to the city center proximity and lover rent. For example, in New York, more than 25% of the population lives in apartments.

Thus, your small place is invaluable. You are to unclutter it, keeping it clean and neat. Do you still want to adopt a household pet? Consider cuddly and intelligent cockatiel birds. Their total number surpasses even those of cats and dogs. Small birds’ size and their spectacular beauty might become decisive.

How big is a cockatiel? These small or medium-sized parrots are ideal companions for apartment dwellers. They are easy to handle, but you are to bird-proof your home. Eliminate basic household hazards, such as:

  • electrical cords,
  • drapery and curtains;
  • heat sources;
  • drafts and cold areas;
  • fumes and smokes.

Clean, healthy cage and accessories are essential. This matter is as significant as a safe, comfortable environment. It’s important for cockatiels’ health and happiness.

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How to Clean Bird Cage?

Your cherished cockatiels are friendly, sociable birds. Living in pairs, they don’t scream too loudly. Male birds are dumb talkative. Yo-Yo and Nigel whistle and mimic sounds. But they don’t annoy my neighbors when I am not at home.

How big should a cockatiel cage be? A safe, roomy environment is essential. A pair of birds require a bit more space than a single cockatiel. Common cage easily fits any room that is small, but not tiny. Cockatiels are easy to care for, tame and breed. Cage cleaning and sanitizing is one of the most demanding tasks.

Some bird cage cleaning hacks might be necessary. You are to wash or rinse all available accessories, such as:

  • food and water bowls;
  • toys, including ladders and swings;
  • cage frame and trays;
  • shelves;
  • waste shields.

Wooden and rope perches that are not removable might be tricky to wash. Wipe them down with a clean, damp cloth. Liners require special attention.

What is the Best Thing to Put on the Bottom of a Bird Cage?

Daily sanitation should not be time-consuming. It may include only wiping and dusting. You are to wipe off the frame and all cage components. They are to be neat and debris-free. Don’t forget about the dishes and bowls. Rinse them with hot tap water.

Use animal-safe, organic dish soap or detergent. Cop it in your local pet store. It has to be eco-friendly to eliminate any health risk. Meanwhile, the first step to take entails replacing the liner. If you know what to put on the bottom of a bird cage, it’s not difficult.

It may include recycled paper products or newspapers. Pet-friendly options are preferable. Anyway, they should be free of pigments, ink and other toxic matters. Real talk, you are to remove old liner before you clean or disinfect the cage. Add the new one to the clean and completely dry cage. It may include several layers of paper. Green, pet-safe solutions like sand or pine-shavings are also acceptable.

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How to Clean Bird Cage with Bird Inside?

Elementary, daily cleaning is not difficult. If you don’t use any detergents or household solutions, the birds can stay in. Real talk, it’s better to shift them to another room. A makeshift cage would be opportune. It helps you to avoid accidents and escapes.

Thus, you are to detach the tray. Get rid of the food debris and droppings. Your best cage for cockatiel should be handy and feature-rich. It is to come with useful components such as:

  • easy-rolling stands with casters;
  • removable grills;
  • cage aprons or seed catchers;
  • detachable bottom trays;
  • rounded seed guards;
  • wide and handy access doors.

Bottom mesh and seed guards are beneficial. They help you to reduce the mess, making cleaning much easier. Toss the garbage into the trash can. Wash and dry the bottom tray.

Additionally, you’ll have to sweep the floor around the cage and vacuum it. Do it especially often in spring. When do cockatiels molt? They do it once a year, normally after the breeding period. Their old feathers and other debris would flow out of the cage. Remove them carefully from the floor and surrounding surfaces.

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How to Disinfect Bird Cage?

Weekly and monthly cleaning have to be much deeper. Using only cold or hot tap water is not enough. Thus, living in a private house, you would take the cage outdoors. Spraying it with a garden hose is easy and efficient. It’s a green and healthy option. Showering and washing in a bathtub are also suitable.

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How do you keep a birdcage from smelling? You’d have to disinfect it, using special, pet-safe products. Only natural, organic cleaning agents are acceptable. You can use safe, non-toxic solutions. They may include:

  • vinegar;
  • baking soda;
  • lemon juice;
  • water.

Quite naturally, your best cage for a budgie is roomy and feature-rich. It is to be free from bacteria and mold spores. Dust and fume are also undesirable. Avoid using harmful chemicals like chlorine bleach. It may cause irritation and vomiting, suffocating your cherished cockatiels. The smell of vinegar might be also harmful. Dilute it with water, using a 1:1 ratio, at least. Rinse and dry all the surfaces properly before the cockatiels return.

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Bottom Line

Are your lovely birds messy? You shouldn’t get tight over it. It’s not difficult to keep the area around the cockatiel cage clean. Handy accessories streamline these daily tasks. Detachable trays are easy to empty and wash. Seed guards and cage apron catch the debris. They don’t allow it to flow out on the floor. Try not to place the cockatiel cage in a soft, carpeted area. Smooth, easy-to-sanitize floor surface underneath it is beneficial. Thus, cop all the necessary stuff, and clean the cage properly. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves. These simple measures let you and your friendly cockatiels keep healthy.


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