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Discover the Best Toys for Cockatiels that Will Make Your Bird Happy

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best cockatiel toys reviewsAs a devoted bird owner, you surely strive to provide your little friend with the best things: the best food, the best cage and, of course, the best cockatiel toys. Quality leisure time is very important for cockatiels.

These birds love to socialize, be active, and play around. Naturally, you cannot keep your bird company all the time, but you can get some cockatiel toys for entertainment and cage furnishing. If you are new to this and don’t know what to look for, here is some information to help you get started.

Top Toys for Cockatiels in 2024

#1. Paradise Knots Block
  • Material - Wood/Cotton/
    Sisal Ropes
  • Size - 14 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Use - Chewing Toy
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#2. Penn-Plax
  • Material – Colored Wood
  • Size – 18.5 x 15 x 12 inches
  • Use – Activity Center (Playpen)
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#3. Wesco Pet Kabob Shreddable
  • Material - Pithy Wood
  • Size - 1.5 x 1.5 x 11 inches
  • Use - Chewing Toy
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#4. Petsvv Perch
  • Material - Cotton Rope
  • Size - 43 inches long
  • Use - Perch
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#5. BIRD KABOB Wesco
  • Material - Soft Wood
  • Size - 8.5 x 2 x 12 inches
  • Use - Chewing toy/Swing
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#6. BWOGUE Pack
  • Material - Wood/Brass Bells
  • Size - up to 10.24 inches
  • Use - Chewing Toys
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#7. JW Comfy Perch
  • Material - Cotton Rope
  • Size - 32 inches long
  • Use - Rerch
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#8. Bonka Bird
  • Material – Stainless Steel/
  • Size – 14 x 4 inches
  • Use –Toy
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#9. RYPET Natural
  • Material – Quartz Sand/
  • Size – 4.7 x 6.3 inches
  • Use – Perch
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#10. Super Bird Creations
  • Material - Seagrass Mesh/Plastic
  • Size - 6 x 7 x 9 inches
  • Use - Swinging Platform
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1. Paradise Knots Block Chewing Toy – A Colorful Brain-Exerciser for Pet Cockatiels

wooden blocks for pet cockatiels reviewsThis toy is great for chewing, pecking on and shredding. It consists of multiple colorful wooden blocks connected together by a metal chain. Each block has colorful sisal and cotton ropes run through them and tied in knots, which can be fun for cockatiels to untie.

It is quite large and challenging. It stimulates a bird’s brain activity and encourages it to use creativity. Untying knots is one of the favorite cockatiels’ activities, and this toy has plenty of them, so it can completely satisfy the urge. Besides, it can make a great cage decoration. The toy attaches to the cage with a pear hook, which in no way can be opened by a cockatiel.

  • The optimal size for a pet cockatiel.
  • Bright-colored and visually enticing.
  • Has plenty of knots for birds to untie.
  • The paint will come off and leave stains if the toy gets wet.
  • Some of the knots (those made of sisal) are too easy to destroy.

Common Presentation

The Paradise chewing toy provides exercise for cockatiels’ beaks, feet, and brains. It is colorful and attention-grabbing, but colors tend to come off, especially if contact with water. This is a destroyable toy, but with mellow cockatiels, it can last for quite a long time.

2. Penn-Plax: Extra-Large Activity Center for Cockatiels

extra-large activity center for cockatielsAre you a busy person? You can spend 10-11 hours/day outside. Your lovely cockatiels should not feel bored, missing you. What will they do? They shouldn’t watch “flying rats” through the window all day long. Nigel does it for a couple of minutes only. What if your lovely cockatiels become as loud and obnoxious as street pigeons? It would be a nightmare.

Your pet birds need to exercise, socialize and entertain. They like climbing and playing. Availability of wooden perches makes cockatiels feel happier. They move on the perches. Your feathered friends eagerly walk on the cage floor. They may also rest on the perch. But they won’t bite the cage bars and bowls.

Features and Accessories

Activity center by Penn-Plax is a great tool. It enriches your pet birds’ environment. The playpen includes several useful features, such as:

  1. cotton rope;
  2. 5-step ladder;
  3. several colorful perches;
  4. copper bell;
  5. plastic feeding dish;
  6. large play swing.

My birds like sitting on the swing. Yo-Yo loves it especially. He adores spinning and chewing the acrylic toys. I believe it’s completely safe, as they consist of top-quality material. So are the other parts. The base is completely wooden. It’s sturdy and easy-to-clean. The perches are lightweight, durable and safe. I believe they come with non-toxic paint.

Penn-Plax is a family-owned company. It manufactures and distributes various pet products for more than 60 years. Starting as a small pet shop in Brooklyn, NY, it grew up to be a large and well-known business. BirdLife is one of its brands. It incorporates cages, toys, treats and perches targeted at our feathered friends.

  • lightweight;
  • easy-to-assemble;
  • feature-rich;
  • safe;
  • strong and durable.
  • glue is necessary to set it up;
  • paint may bleed in some years if it often gets wet.

Overall Recommendations

Activity Center by Penn-Plax is lightweight, durable and safe. It keeps my lovely pet birds active and entertained. Just consider the sizes. Extra-large one is mad steady and strong for cockatiels. Smaller playpens suit little birds, like budgies or parakeets.

3. Wesco Pet Kabob Shreddable – A Quick Chewing Toy for Cockatiels

quick chewing toy for cockatiels guideThis pet kabob is made of seven chunks of pithy wood, which is perfect for cockatiels to chew on. The wood is very soft and easy to shred. It won’t be too hard on a cockatiel’s beak, but at the same time will provide enough exercise.

The Wesco Kabob has a natural look and does not contain paint. This is a shreddable toy, and depending on the activity of your pet can last up to a month. In any case, it is advisable to use it in a combination with other types of toys to diversify a bird’s activity.

  • Made of pithy wood, easy for cockatiels to shred.
  • Optimal size for pet cockatiels.
  • Plain, unattractive look.
  • Does not last long.
  • A string this toy hangs on can be hazardous for small pet birds.

Overall Presentation

If you are looking for a toy to help your pet cockatiel exercise his beak, Wesco Pet Kabob is a great choice. However, it is a poor cage decoration and won’t last very long.

4. Petsvv Bird Perch, Rope Bungee – One of the Best Perches for Cockatiels

best perches for cockatiels reviewsThe Petsvv bungee rope is a fun alternative to a regular perch. It is made of cotton fiber woven around a semi-rigid wire. The wire is flexible enough to be bent in any position by a human but rigid enough to hold its shape under the weight of a cockatiel. So you can use your imagination and try different shapes to challenge your pet cockatiel and stimulate his senses.

Bungee ropes are not only fun and entertaining; they help birds develop balancing skills. This perch attaches to the case via a pear hook and has a small bell on the other end for your cockatiel’s additional excitement.

  • Made of natural cotton rope.
  • Does not have any loose parts that might be potentially hazardous.
  • Colorful and enticing.
  • Provides sufficient exercise on balance and coordination.
  • If your cockatiel cage is on the small side, this toy might be too bulky for it.
  • The rope is not tightly woven. Under sharp cockatiel’s nails, it will become fluffy and loose with time.

Common Representation

This spiral bungee rope is a great alternative to standard perches. It helps pet birds develop physically and improve their coordination. Although this is not a chewing toy, cockatiels can easily destroy it if there is nothing else they can chew on.

5. Wesco Bird Kabob Carnival – A 2 in 1 Shreddable Toy

best chewing toy reviewsThe Wesco bird kabob doubles as a wooden perch, on which cockatiels can park themselves to enjoy chewing on the wood discs. The swing is mostly natural-looking with several bright-colored accents. Discs are made of pithy wood, which is easy on cockatiels’ beaks.

The swing is quite large and has enough room for one cockatiel. Wooden parts are held together by a rope, which is used to tie a toy to the cage.

  • 2 in 1: a swing and a chewing toy.
  • Natural look with colorful elements.
  • Quite spacious for a cockatiel to perch on.
  • Wooden discs are very easy to destroy.
  • A rope can be potentially dangerous for a bird.

Overall Impression

The Wesco Kabob swing is a nice alternative to a regular kabob chewing toy. This one doubles as a swing unless a cockatiel chews through the rope. Since ropes are potential hazards for small birds, this toy should be used under supervision.

6. BWOGUE Pack – 5 Different Hanging Toys, Colorful and Multi-function

Discover the Best Toys for Cockatiels that Will Make Your Bird Happy

Are your cockatiels playful and active? This package would be the best for them. It consists of 5 different toys. So, your cherished pets have a lot of fun. They get both physical and mental activity stimulation. The size is completely suitable for cockatiels. The toys are large enough for your birds.

Are you concerned with your pets’ safety? Quite naturally, the items are made of natural, durable materials. The basic parts are made of hardwood. Do your birds like chewing and damaging everything in the cage? It’s completely safe, as it’s difficult. The balls and stands are colorful and pleasant to touch. The swings are made of steel wire. The brass bells are lightweight but reliable.

So, what does the pack consists of? It’s bright, multi-function parts include:

  1. Bells: 10.24 inches long.
  2. A stand, bridge or platform: 5.12 * 3.94 inches.
  3. Several swing toys.

What the birds love the most are the bells. They make noise! So, cockatiels can pay with them for hours. They like also the beads/wicker balls swings. They are strong and sturdy. The colors are pleasant. The size is 8.27 * 3.94 inches.

Are you already enjoying the bells constantly ringing? How else can you parrots play with the toys? The stands are soothing for their feet. The birds can climb, swing and shew the items. Is the round ball toy too small for large parrots? It’s 3.15” in diameter. However, it’s great entertainment for your curious pets!

  • safe;
  • multi-function;
  • normally sized for cockatiels;
  • sturdy;
  • colorful.
  • the clips are not too easy to open.


Are the toys easy to connect and hang? They come with steel hooks. The clips are hard to open. Meanwhile, I recommend the toys pack. They meet various cockatiels’ needs. The birds like playing with them.

7. JW Comfy Perch – A Safe Support for the Birds

Discover the Best Toys for Cockatiels that Will Make Your Bird Happy

A perch is essential for birds. Cockatiels are to have at least 3 different supports in the cage. Why do they need it? A perch provides a comfortable place for the parrots. For fun, they can bend and twist it. Additionally, various exercises are possible with the perch. Just customize it and let your pets climb. Create curves or loops.

What are the JW perch benefits? Quite naturally, it’s safe for the birds’ feet. Its surface is round and soft. The perch is flexible, malleable and versatile. Therefore, you can stimulate your cockatiels to climb and exercise. It’s necessary for their joints health.

Why do cockatiels climb? They are to improve their grip strength. They need some excitement. Additionally, their feet are tender. They require soothing and support. Thus, the perch is soft and flexible. It’s twisted to ensure the best possible comfort for the birds.

The rope attracts your pets’ interest. It’s brightly colored. The perch encourages cockatiels to climb. What is the safe, soft material? Quite naturally, the rope is made of cotton. It’s specially woven, designed to hold its shape. Do your birds make a lot of mess? The perch is hand washable. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean.

It’s easy to place. Plastic attachments are available. They are easy to twist. Plastic screw-off caps are included. The perch can be installed horizontally or vertically. Style 32” means that its suitable for the cages up to 32-inch long. Is your one smaller? You can use it. Just shape the rope properly, that’s all.

  • soft;
  • flexible;
  • colorful;
  • hand-washable;
  • beneficial for the birds’ feet.
  • cotton fibers are too soft for aggressive chewers.

Final Assessment

So, I recommend this size for cockatiels. Budgies or parakeets would prefer 21” or 14” perch. The diameter that is 1 ¼ inch is suitable for any birds. Generally, it’s soft, flexible and comfy. My pets love it!

8. Bonka Bird: Safe and Durable Spoon Delight Toys

safe and durable spoon delight toysDo your cockatiels like looking at the mirror? My pet birds do. Yo-Yo adores it. He interacts with his reflection. Sometimes he screams at it. Shiny spoons resemble a mirror. They are mirror-polished. These toys attract your parrots’ attention. Your lovely pets like watching reflective surfaces. It entertains and delights them.

Additionally, metal spoons create various noises. These sounds are fun and not loud. A cockatiel attacks the toy and it clanks, making pleasant noise. It’s a great way to take out the birds’ frustration or eliminate their boredom. So, Spoon Delight is a durable, safe and colorful toy. It consists of:

  1. Stainless steel measuring spoons.
  2. Acrylic pacifiers.
  3. Metal rings.

These materials are non-toxic, safe for your pet birds. They are sturdy, virtually indestructible. Manufacturers recommend using Spoon Delight toy for small and medium-size parrots. Can large ones, like Macaw break pacifiers’ rings or dent up a spoon? I don’t think so. At least, cockatiels can’t destroy these items.

The toy is attractive and colorful. Additionally, it’s variform. You can hang it vertically or horizontally. Horizontally-located chain is about 14” long. The largest spoon in about 2”-long. Thus, your birds can bang this toy, toss the spoons around, climb on them, swing or pull their toys. That’s fun!

Additional Information

Do you wonder what 1969 means? It’s just a product number. Bonka Bird Toys has so many items in its range that it has to label them. The family-owned company operates for more than 24 years. Its location is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So, these toys are made in the USA. They are top-quality, meeting the highest national standards.

  • durable;
  • colorful and entertaining;
  • safe;
  • shiny;
  • easy-to-clean.
  • thin metal rings might rust if water splashes them;
  • a bit noisy.

Overall Impression

My cockatiels love Spoon Delight toy. It’s bright, shiny and colorful. They can bang it, making some noise. It doesn’t annoy me. Meanwhile, these toys are completely safe. They are made of non-toxic materials. Additionally, they are sturdy. So, your feathered friends can’t destroy them.

9. RYPET: Natural and Lightweight Cockatiels’ Perch

natural and lightweight cockatiels’ perchDo you use tree branches as perches? They are good, but you are to select safe trees. This toy is a suitable alternative. Quartz sand is a natural material. It’s non-toxic, top-quality. PVC plastic might be acceptable if it’s a food-grade material. It’s lightweight and safe. But I am glad, it’s inside the perch. Additionally, it’s only a thin tube. A naturalwood filling is basic perch’s material.

Sand cover PVC completely. Birds don’t touch it. Special, food-grade adhesive secures quartz sand to the surface. So, it’s a good stable or platform that lets your pet birds relax and sleep. Perch is also a perfect tool that provides their foot exercise. It makes their daily hygienic practice safe and easy.

Hard coating on the surface takes off sharp points on your pets’ beaks and nails. It makes trimming procedure stress-free and gentle. Do your cockatiels like chewing their perches? This one is safe to chew. Its size is 4.7” x 6.3”. It suits small and medium-sized birds, such as budgies, sun conures or cockatiels. Macaws and African grey parrots would need larger platforms.

The perch is easy-to-install. Each side comes with a built-in bolt and a metal wing nut. Locate it near cockatiels’ dishes with food or water, but not over them. Another perch might be by their toys or anywhere in the cage. Allow easy movement around the cage. Your pets should not touch its bars by their tails or wings.

Interesting Facts

Rypet is a family-owned company. It’s small, but its product range is wide and varied. Rypet supplies diverse pet products. They benefit your cat or dog, birds, amphibians or Guinea pigs. The company offers several types of quartz sand bird perches. They differ by sizes, shapes, and colors. Red and blue, corner, straight and U-shaped ones are available.

  • natural;
  • non-toxic;
  • lightweight;
  • durable;
  • easy-to-install.
  • too small for large parrots.
  • suitable for a single cockatiel, but not a pair of birds.

General Representation

Rypet parrot perch is durable and non-toxic. It’s safe for your feathered friends. It helps them relax or trim their nails and beaks naturally. Additionally, it’s easy-to-install and top-quality.

10. Super Bird Creations – An Entertaining Swinging Platform for Birds

swinging platform for birds reviewsThis flying trapeze is designed to brighten up a cockatiel’s everyday routine by offering a new type of activity. This is a swing that consists of a natural seagrass platform hanging by four colorful plastic chains. For additional entertainment, this trapeze is decorated with multi-colored dangling toys.

A meshed platform provides sufficient exercise for cockatiel’s feet. It is moderately soft and can sag a little under a bird’s weight, offering a comfy environment for both playing and dozing. The swing is large enough for an average-sized pet cockatiel to perch on it and still have room for moving and playing with attached toys.

  • Large size.
  • An abundance of bright, attractive elements to play with.
  • Great for cockatiels to perch on.
  • Meshed seagrass platform helps birds exercise their feet.
  • Devoted chewers will destroy the platform very quickly.
  • Smaller birds can get their nails stuck in the seagrass.

General Representation

The Super Bird Creations trapeze is great entertainment for pet birds who love to swing. It looks very attractive and comes with toys that cockatiels can play with. The platform is easy to destroy, so If you want it to last longer, you should use it together with some other shreddable toys.

Questions to Finding Cockatiel Toys

toys accessories for cockatielsYour bird deserves only the best things and toys are not an exception. For a cockatiel a toy means something he can chew on, therefore some parts of it will inevitably get into his digestive tract.

  • It is very important that all the objects that go into a pet bird cage are made of safe materials and are free of sharp details or small part that could be choked on.
  • If the toy has colors, you should make sure that the dyes are food-grade and non-toxic (to avoid poisoning and other health issues).
  • Plastic parts should be BPA-free.

Responsible sellers usually provide all the information regarding the content of their pet products.

Interesting and useful information

Aside from safety aspects, you should consider the following when choosing a toy for your pet cockatiel:

  1. Size of the toy. Most manufacturers indicate what type of birds their products are suitable for. However, you should always keep your cockatiel’s needs in mind when choosing a toy. If your pet is shy, he might be afraid of large and colorful objects. Another factor you should keep in mind is the size of the cage and cage doors.
  2. How long a toy can last. If your cockatiel is very active and likes chewing a lot, you should look for toys that are hard to demolish. Good toys for cockatiels are usually meant to last for several weeks. Alternatively, you can buy a bunch of cheap shreddable toys for your pet’s enjoyment.
  3. Cockatiels are enticed by bright, multi-colored things. They also like dangling and rattling parts of toys, such as bells, beads, garlands, etc. Generally, the more diverse the toy is, the longer it will have a cockatiel’s attention.
Are there any easy homemade bird toys I can give to my cockatiel?

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on cockatiel toys, you can actually entertain your bird with simple things that can be found in any home. However, you should make sure these things are non-toxic and don’t have any small sharp particles that a cockatiel could swallow. You can make twig or paper balls, leather strips, bead strings and a variety of other simple toys to make your cockatiel excited and happy.

We have selected the best cockatiel toys, which your pet might find rather fun and exciting. It was very hard to select these few since the variety of choices is truly immense. If you don’t feel like studying it all, you can just choose one of the options presented here and your cockatiel will surely love it.

What Do Cockatiels Like to Play with?

If you are a busy person, you might have not much time to play with your lovely pet birds. Working hard, hanging out with your friends, you might come back home late at night. You may even waste some time, waiting somewhere on line. So, your feathered friends have to entertain themselves during several daylight hours.

Rotating cockatiel toys, like swings and bells is beneficial. It helps you to catch cockatiel’s attention and entertain your lovely bird. But your cherished pets are incredibly intelligent. If you are at home and not busy, train your feathered friend to whistle. Cockatiels mimic all sounds, songs, and words. My male birds (Nigel and Yo-Yo) like whistling very much.

Leave a radio or TV on when you are out. It entertains your bored pet birds. But the sounds should not be too sharp or loud. You can train your cockatiel to fly to you or step on your finger. Your intelligent birds would ring the bell, following your commands. Imagine various tricks. But remember that cockatiels should feel comfortable, playing with you.

How do Cockatiels Play with Toys?

Cockatiels are sociable birds. Your pet should not be alone at home for hours. He would be bored, starting plucking his feathers. Your cherished bird might get sick. A well-equipped environment is helpful. Even left alone, your cockatiel is able to entertain himself.

These cute birds like:

  • climbing up on ladders and cage bars;
  • sitting on swings;
  • using cotton ropes to preen their feathers;
  • looking in a mirror or other shiny metal objects;
  • chewing everything, including their perches and ropes.

Wooden and acrylic toys are of no exception. Cockatiels might start chewing bars in their cage. Behavior of this kind is natural. Additionally, cockatiel would try to interact with his reflection in a mirror. Your lonely male bird might try to fight it. He would become a bit aggressive. But commonly, it’s not dangerous.

Toys are great, as they let cockatiels entertain and feel comfortable. Items that produce sounds like bells are beneficial. Fortunately, my lovely pet birds are not alone. They interact with each other and get along well. They preen each other and mate. I hope, it makes them happy, and I am delighted with it.

Cockatiels are very playful birds. They love rattling, jingling, shaking and dangling things. Besides, they need to exercise their beaks by chewing and tearing on different objects, such as paper, thin cardboard, wood or special toys. It’s really very easy to entertain a cockatiel, but remember these birds get bored just as easily as they get excited. Therefore, you should rotate toys frequently. You can hang your cockatiel’s favorite toys in different places to entice him and bring his playfulness back.


Today we have reviewed top best cockatiel toys that belong to three different groups: chewing toys, swings and perches. There are many more kinds of fun pet toys and cockatiel cage accessories on the market and you will surely find those that will make your feathery friend happy. And he will be truly happy and cheerful!


Hi, my name is Charlie. I come from Patchogue Village, New York. Are you fond of cockatiels? As for me, I’ve got four pet birds. Their names are Yo-Yo and Sweetie, Nigel and Loki. Do you know how to care for them? I’m trying to hunt down the questions now. Join me, and let’s do it together.


  • Thanks for putting together this article. I really like the idea that my cockatiel could swing around and chew on the same toy. Going to purchase the Wesco Bird Kabob Swing and see how my bird likes it. May end up buying more toys in the future.

  • Thanks for including homemade toys. I’ve been looking into creating a tree for him to hang out in out of sticks and ropes. Do you think it’s a better idea to create this type of structure for my bird or should I purchase an already made one?

  • Of course, you can use any things to entertain your cockatiel. Just make sure first that it does not damage his health. For example, it will not be toxic or traumatic.

  • Would you recommend that I place these toys around my house or inside the cage with my cockatiel? I want to give him the best experience and as of now he lives in his cage but occasionally flies around our house. Would you say that it’s better to give him free space with toys around the rooms?

  • It’s very important for anyone who is buying a toy of a cockatiel to understand that it must be made particularly for this bird. Otherwise, you may risk your cockatiel’s life by giving it something that it can choke on or the product could be harmful to the bird.

  • Cockatiels are some of the most energetic, social and active birds around. Therefore, it is a must to decorate their cage in engaging activities and toys. This will not only keep them busy but also help keep the bird productive. I think you did a nice job of showcasing toys above.

  • I have a Lutino cockatiel. He is hardly in his cage, Mostly to sleep. He has a playground on the back of my sofa. He’s much happier!! Please let your pet birds out of their cages as much as you can.