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An Exceptional Guide To Choosing The Best Food For Cockatiels

best food for cockatiels guideModern people desire to be closer to nature and its residents so it is not surprising to see the increasing number of pets. One of gaining popularity new home dwellers are colorful cockatiels. These wonderful birds do not require much care apart from the best food for cockatiels. Their ratio plays a very important role in the way they behave and feel among people. When the bird gets all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins in addition to homemade cockatiel food, it pleases its owners with a playful mood and excellent health for durable life.

It goes without saying that every pet deserves a treat and the answer to the question “what do cockatiels eat for treats?” is very simple: specially created bird food for a healthy diet and all the necessary for the organism nutrients. There are 5 best examples of food for a cockatiel to choose from and let your bird be saturated and treated.

Best Food For Cockatiels in January, 2019

ProductSizeUseful nutrients includedForm 
Lafeber Cockatiel Nutri-Berries
(Editor’s Choice)
4lbMinerals, vitamins, fatty acidsNot ground seeds and grains Check Price
Harrison's Adult Lifetime Fine1lbVitamins and mineralsPellets Check Price
Medium Fruit Blend Bird Diet
(Editor’s Choice)
2lb21 minerals and vitaminsPellets of 5 colors and forms Check Price
Lafeber's Original Flavor Avi-Cakes0.5lbVitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, fatPellets and seeds Check Price
Kaytee Exact Natural Bird Food 3lbVitamins and minerals, extracts, supplementsNuggets Check Price

1. Lafeber’s Cockatiel Nutri-Berries – Best Nutritious And The Better Cockatiel Seed Mix

most nutritious and the best cockatiel seed mixNutri-berries are similar to pellets nutrition that is also a balanced diet for every cockatiel. However, if palettes contain ground ingredients, every seed and grain in this food is kept whole. Dr. Lafeber has balanced the ratio without a necessity to grind it. He hulled every seed particle and covered it with all the necessary vitamins that are previously stabilized, important minerals and Omega 3 and 6 fatty amino acid.

The main benefit of such a diet is providing sensation for both a beak and a tongue similar to the process of consuming food in the wild. In addition, its flavor is preserved from the birds’ natural environment so every seed and grain will seem not only a regular diet but also a wonderful treat. Cockatiels eat this seed food with pleasure as it is fully flavored and tasty as well as beneficial. The capacity of the bucket is 4lb.

  • Loved by cockatiel;
  • One bucket is enough for over a month;
  • Recommended by vets;
  • Balanced and dry;
  • Easy to deal with;
  • Can be mixed with other food.
  • Difficult to store as it spoils quickly;
  • Can stick together if damp;
  • More hardened than ones sold in a bag.

Final verdict

Lafeber Nutri-Berries is a healthy and balanced food for cockatiel. If you are a happy owner of this lovely bird, this diet will be a perfect choice as it is similar to grains a parrot can find in the wild and train its beak and tongue. What do cockatiels eat in the wild? They can find different grains or seeds as well as berries so such kind of diet is preferable for these pets if kept at home. You can improve the nutrition of your parrot giving it everything necessary contained in a single diet.

2. Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Fine – Best Pellets For Cockatiels Small-Sized

best pellets for cockatielsHarrison’s cockatiel food was created to maintain the birds of both small and medium size. The product has a USDA NOP Organic Seal that is a guarantee of the best quality with any chemicals absence in the nutrition. The diet consists of whole premium-quality ingredients that are grown organically and certified. These are small ball-shaped pellets that include all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Birds adore every seed of this diet even despite the fact that it does not have a sweetener or flavor improving substance. The food is natural and suitable for different not big birds as well as a cockatiel. You can feed the bird all year round with this diet as it is perfect for pets that are not going to breed or molt.

The packet includes 1lb or 454g of the ready-made food.

  • Guarantees longevity for cocktails;
  • Less mess after being eaten;
  • Birds are healthy, active and good-looking;
  • Adored by cockatiels;
  • Includes artificial vitamin E;
  • Recommended by vets.
  • Very small pellets;
  • Some birds refuse to eat it.


The main advantage of this cockatiel food is the absence of necessity to give a bird anything else apart from the diet. Even if you feed it with this product for years, it will remain healthy and active as well as live long enough for birds. The palettes are small enough for a cockatiel’s beak to fit them easily so your bird will be happy to have such a vitaminized and mineralized ratio.

3. ZuPreem Medium Fruit Blend Bird Diet – Best Diet For Cockatiels With Different Flavors

best diet for cockatielsThis type of cockatiel nutrition is suitable for every day. It will help in maintaining the excellent bird’s health being a balanced and high-quality product. Its unsurpassed benefit is the presence of ground fruit pieces in every bite. The food is made in the form of 5 different fruit of various colors each of which has a unique taste and aroma. They contribute to the sensuous develop me of every cockatiel for it to feel pleased consuming the diet.

Suitable for different medium birds this food contains 21 vitamins and minerals that are enough for a perfect bird’s development and prevent from using any other supplements.

The packet contains 2lb of the food ready for consumption.

  • Suitable for everyday feeding;
  • A big number of vitamins and minerals;
  • Naturally flavored;
  • Excellent for tricking birds that do not like fruit;
  • Pleasant scent;
  • Recommended by vets.
  • Bananas are the least preferred;
  • The product is colored;
  • Not all parrots eat this food.


This product is a wonderful choice if you want to diversify the diet of your cockatiel. It goes without saying that your bird will be more than surprised to see colorful pellets of different forms with such a lovely smell. In addition, this food is suitable to feed medium birds every day and contains 21 minerals and vitamins important for good bird’s health.

4. Lafeber’s Original Flavor Avi-Cakes – Best Cockatiel Food Brand: a Double Treat

best food from natural seed and pellets In search of a combination of nice flavor, original form and premium nutritional qualities pay attention to these avi-cakes. The food is a blend of natural seed flavor and nourishing pellets rich in vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. In addition, every seed and pallet is covered with molasses to add a sweet taste as well as provides your bird with the necessary amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

All that makes this diet perfect to take care of the immune system of medium birds. Your cockatiel will get pleasure every time it will put effort to eat this beneficial treat. The packet contains 0.5lb of the food.

  • A combination of pellets and seeds;
  • Sweet and tasty;
  • Hard enough to chew well;
  • Comfortable resealable bag to store;
  • Many nutritional ingredients;
  • Recommended by vets.
  • Not all birds like the taste;
  • May seem too hard;
  • Leaves mess.


A nice combination of pallets and seed food sweetened to make a treat better. It will be a nice product bought by cockatiel owners who can not choose between two food forms. There are multiple beneficial ingredients including minerals and vitamins so you should not worry about your bird’s health.

5. Kaytee Exact Natural Bird Food – Best Food For Cockatiel Birds

best food for cockatiel birds reviewThis food is an optimal nutrition diet with the emphasis on natural preservation of its ingredients. It includes all the necessary daily diet nutrients.

The food is produced in the form of enticing crunchy nuggets so that a bird’s beak could work well. With every nugget eaten your cockatiel increases its chances to get a perfect feathering, bright coloring, and wonderful health.

Produced by a nutrition leading company found in 1989 every product is researched by nutrition experts to guarantee premium nutrition on a daily basis.

The packet includes 3lb of the food.

  • Produced by a trusted leader in birds’ nutrition;
  • Recommended by vets;
  • Loved by cockatiels;
  • Various ingredients;
  • Different form.
  • Zipper so-so;
  • Inconsistent nuggets size;
  • Powder is left.


A good diet eaten by picky cockatiels: they have no alternative to choose from and when they taste this food, they love it immediately. It contains everything important for your bird’s health and activity and is a wonderful daily ratio, so there is no need to rack your brain what to give your pet today – quality and tasty food is always at hand.

Buyer’s Guide: what can cockatiels eat?

People who want to own a cockatiel or have already obtained it are interested in the number of questions:

  • Can cockatiels eat bread?
  • Can cockatiels eat bread, rice, cheese, crackers, peanut butter?
  • Do cockatiels eat meat?
  • Can cockatiels eat berries, tomatoes, apples, almonds?

Let’s see what exactly cockatiels can and must eat and what food is detrimental or even poisonous.

The most nutritious and beneficial birds’ diet is seed and pellet food. However, they can eat more customary for people products.

It is necessary to give them water to drink.

Cockatiels can consume different vegetables and fruits cut into small pieces. You can also give them protein food like meat, fish, boiled egg, yogurt, cottage cheese and peanuts in small amounts.

It is forbidden to feed a cockatiel with avocado, chocolate, fruit seed, onion, garlic, alcohol, mushrooms, honey, salt, caffeine, beans, products with a high amount of fat, sodium, and sugar as well as sugar-free food.
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