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Cockatiel vs Parakeet: Who More Affectionate?

cockatiel vs parakeet

Do you feel lonely? It might happen due to self-isolation or after the break-up. Ending of relationship shouldn’t make you feel tight. Charming and trustful pets reanimate you. Beautiful, chirpy pet birds entertain and amuse you. Which bird species to select? Let’s compare cockatiel vs parakeet. Both parrots come from arid Australia. Under favorable conditions, they are active and friendly. Both species stand out by beautiful, exotic plumages. Is the difference only in size? Real talk, small pets are less demanding. They are quieter and low-maintenance. But you might need a friendly, intelligent and affectionate companions to interact with. Do you want to get details about the cockatiels’ behavior? Let me share my experience with you.

Why Should You Get a Pet Bird?

Trust and affection are basic human needs. Lack of social interaction and communication creates a negative experience. Thus, according to the Cigna survey, 46% of adult Americans feel lonely. Sometimes or always, you may feel left out or not close to people.

Pets improve your mental health. Providing steady companionship and enjoyment, cute animals or birds improve your mood. Real talk, you’d need your nurse child to interact and protect you. Americans still prefer small and amusing bird companions. According to an APPA survey, 25% of pet owners keep parakeets.

How big is a cockatiel? Your relatively small pet birds are not difficult to care for. They require not too much effort and space. In real talk, parrots are not as cuddly as cats or dogs. Anyway, they give you:

  • loyalty;
  • entertainment;
  • affection;
  • interaction.

You don’t have to walk them like dogs. Charming, amusing creatures entertain you. They don’t let your home be completely quiet. Finally, responsibility takes you fit and energetic. Empathy is another essential sense you are to teach your kids.


Benefits and Similarities of the Parrot Species

Going to adopt a lit parrot species, you are lucky. You’ll have a challenging and exciting time ahead. Psittacine birds are various: they differ by size, colors of plumages and personalities. Meanwhile, they have a lot in common. Parrots are not the only pets, but the only cute birds able to mimic sounds and voices.

Do you like flying rats? They can be docile and easy-going. In a cozy environment, they won’t bite you. But how would you interact with them? You may pet birds on their heads occasionally, that’s all. Thus, only 3% of pet bird owners in the USA keep doves or pigeons.

Real talk, your feathered friends are noisy and messy. Before taking them home, you should know for sure, how to keep area around bird cage clean. Each of the two parrot species is:

  • active;
  • cheerful;
  • inquisitive;
  • adorable;
  • funny.

Coming from arid Australian habitats, parrots live in flocks in the wild. These creatures are social. They have similar nutritional needs. But each of them should get a targeted food mix.

is cockatiel good pet

What is the Difference between a Budgie and a Parakeet?

Living in an incommodious, rental apartment in a city, you may prefer tiny pets. Budgies or parakeets suit your housing conditions. The smallest species of parrot are friendly, low-maintenance birds. They stand out by:

  • tiny (5-8 inches) size, including tails;
  • vibrant, green or blue plumages;
  • affectionate personalities;
  • active, curious behavior.

In the USA, you can use the terms parakeet and budgie interchangeably. These small birds are very similar. Due to their compact sizes, owners consider parakeets to be family-friendly pets. If you’ve got small kids, prefer budgie or Budgerigar species. They commonly refer to English birds, being more docile and gentle.

American parakeet is a bit thinner, smaller than an English species. Anyway, your favorite cage for budgies fits any room. It shouldn’t be tight. Budgies are active, lit birds. They like flying, exercising, and playing with their favorite toys. In a constrained environment, your gentle birds may become aggressive. They are territorial, especially young female pets. Real talk, wire spacing shouldn’t be too wide. It is to be ½-inches or smaller to provide parrots’ safety.

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Are Cockatiels better than Parakeets?

Budgies are cute, lit pet birds, as well as cockatiels. Both of them are alert, social and curious. The ability of your pet birds to mimic sounds and noises is unique. It attracts pet owners, making them make their important decision. Meanwhile, budgies live not as long as their larger counterparts.

They have smaller, slightly more rounded beaks. Therefore, you shouldn’t feed your colorful pet birds with a cockatiel food mix. They have similar dietary requirements. But budgies can’t crack large pieces of food, like nuts or sunflower seeds. Give them no more than a teaspoon of their special food mix twice a day.

are cockatiels more friendly than parakeets

Real talk, it should include vitamins, salts, and other healthy additives. There is virtually no difference in space and environment. Cool cages for cockatiels should be only more:

  • durable;
  • sturdy;
  • reliable;
  • advanced.

It might be a bit roomier, able to accommodate two adult birds. Both parrot species should avoid drafts. Harsh sounds at night may frighten your delicate pet birds. Budgies are a bit more tender and sensitive to fumes and touches.

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Is It Easier to Train a Parakeet or a Cockatiel?

It seems that different parrot species are similar. They come from the same, Australian origin. They have virtually the same DNA structures. Size might become decisive. Thus, smaller pet birds are more vulnerable to diseases and yeast infections.

The lifespan of English budgies makes only 5-7 years. American parakeets live up to 7-12 years in comfortable conditions. You are to watch out for your tender birds every day. Handle them carefully, from a distance. You should be patient to tame, train or socialize them.

Can small birds use your favorite cockatiels toys? I guess so if they are not too large or sharp. Their preferable items may include:

  • bells;
  • swings;
  • ladders;
  • hammocks and perches.

They are to be simple and safe to avoid injuries. Avoid mirrors and large items. Chewing and forage options are perfect. But choose their smaller options. Being active creatures, budgies commonly stay inside their cages. They try to avoid human contact. Tender, delicate birds don’t appreciate the attention of large pets like dogs too.

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Do Cockatiels and Parakeets Get Along?

Larger birds might feel safer in the room. Therefore, cockatiels may seem to be:

  • easier to handle;
  • more friendly and sociable;
  • intuitive to hand tame and train;
  • affectionate and intelligent.

You can teach a male, hand-fed birds whistle or sing songs. Being in a good mood, Yo-Yo commonly dances around his food bowl. How big should a cockatiel cage be? It should be roomy enough to let the birds spread their wings. Anyway, my pets prefer spending spare time out of the cage. They like sitting on the top of their playgrounds, grilling me and my guests.

Can cockatiels and parakeets be in the same cage? If you want to breed birds, it would be a topical question. Real talk, these parrot species can get along well. It happens if every pair of birds remains inside their roomy, well-equipped cage. Budgies, especially female birds are territorial. They may get aggressive, protecting their nests. They would try to attack and chase their large roommates. In response, cockatiels can injure vulnerable parakeets by chance, while exercising.

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Bottom Line

Are you a beginner pet owner? Choose a pair of budgies or parakeets as your first pet birds. These small parrots are family-friendly. They won’t attack or bite your little kids. You are to handle your pet birds carefully or delight in their charming beauty from a distance. Cockatiels are a different story. They love being out of their cages, flying and playing with you. You can teach your feathered friends tricks. They would whistle, dance or sing songs after years of training. Finally, these intelligent birds are fun. They are great to interact and play with. They would respond to your voice, raising or relaxing their crests. It means they are happy and in a good mood. For a pet bird owner, it’s a great delight.


Hi, my name is Charlie. I come from Patchogue Village, New York. Are you fond of cockatiels? As for me, I’ve got four pet birds. Their names are Yo-Yo and Sweetie, Nigel and Loki. Do you know how to care for them? I’m trying to hunt down the questions now. Join me, and let’s do it together.

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