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About Charlie

Hello, my dear friends,

My name is Charlie Smith, and I would like to tell you about my fun, small and intelligent Cockatiel pets. Nowadays I have 2 pairs of birds, their names are Yo-Yo, Sweetie, Loki and Nigel. Quite naturally, they live in two different cages, by pairs, and I love my parrots very much, paying a lot of attention to my pets’ care.

Why do I start this blog?

Actually, I just adore Cockatiels and I want my lovely birds to be healthy and happy. My parents have bought me my first pair of parrots when I was 9, I cared for them, read a lot about them, trying to find as much information as possible. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, it’s much easier, and I would be glad to communicate my knowledge to you.

I come from Patchogue village that is the New York downtown now. When I was a child, my parents still lived in a private house. Now I live in a modern apartment, spending about 10-11 hours to my work and commute to the office. So, several years ago I worried about my Cockatiels. I didn’t want them to feel lonely or depressed. Well, I will tell you how to avoid it in one of my upcoming blogsJ

What do I want to recommend you?

Being fond of my smart birds, and having cared for them during 2 decades already, I would like to help you with your challenging pet care issues. Actually, Cockatiels are easy to care and breed, but it’s important to select the good seeds and fruits, nuts and vegetables, clean the cage properly and ensure the suitable conditions such as the air temperatures and moisture.

My tips are based on:

  • my personal experience;
  • online reviews;
  • experts’ opinions;
  • scientific research and development.

Watching and analyzing my parrots’ reaction to the certain nutrition and daily care that is recommended by professionals, I can recommend some parrots’ care products to you, being completely honest and sincere.

So, now you know which topics to look forward soonJ. Please, ask your challenging questions about your beautiful birds, and I will certainly answer all of them.