Cockatiel Review

Do Cockatiels Make Good Pets for Beginners?

do cockatiels make good pets

Being a happy cockatiel owner, you won’t ask this question. I love my lit birds! They are cute, friendly, and intelligent. Most importantly, Loki and Nigel, Yo-Yo and Sweetie make every my day. I love them grilling me, singing songs and mimicking sounds. Do cockatiels make good pets? Before adopting these charming, beautiful birds, you may be in doubt. What if they make noise? You are to provide your pets a healthy home and nutrition. Real talk, birds are much easier to care for than other pets. Cockatiels make a strong bond with you, becoming cuddly and playful. You just have to bestow them all your love, giving them all they need. There are some basic things to understand your lovely pets.

What Should I Know Before Buying a Cockatiel?

You may wish to adopt a pet at any time. A lit domestic animal or bird becomes your loyal companion. Above all, cute pets show you their affection, improving your mood. After that, you won’t be tight, kid, due to minor troubles when your lovely nonhuman companions greet you.

Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected pet ownership in the USA. According to Statista, 3% more respondents acquired a new pet in 2020 than a year ago. Additionally, shopping behavior changes. Before 2020, you would cop the great cockatiel food in person. 70% of respondents did it. Now, you’d rather order it online.

Pet birds are quite popular. 5.7 million households in the USA have them. I guess cockatiels are the best. They are lit, friendly and social. Are you going to adopt them in the near term? Real talk, you are to consider their:

  • lifespan;
  • origin;
  • preferences;
  • behavior and instincts;
  • basic life milestones, like molting and egg-laying.

First of all, you are to know, your feathered friends live long. 25 or 30 years don’t limit their life expectancy. So, plan ahead, considering your projects of life.

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Are Cockatiels Cuddly?

are cockatiels cuddly

If your family is large, discuss your decision with all its members. Your cherished feathered friends can make some noise. Sometimes, they make messes, especially in the evenings. Male vs female cockatiel is not only more talkative but chatty. For example, Nigel loves peeling the lining out of the cage bottom. Your close ones are to be ready to tolerate it.

Cockatiels become lit companions to you and your kids. If they are older than 6, think about getting cute pets. Cockatiels needs are essential, as well. Provide a safe, comfortable environment for the birds. The favorite cage for cockatiels is to be roomy and durable.

Quite naturally, you are to spend some money on your lovely pets. Some breeding supplies and vet services might be necessary. Meanwhile, you are to pay a lot of time to your pet birds. You have to:

  • feed your cockatiels;
  • groom and bath them;
  • play with your lovely birds;
  • tame and train them.

Care about your pet birds, interacting with them every day. They would be friendly, kind and playful with you.

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Is Cockatiel or Budgie More Affectionate?

According to APPA Association, canaries are the most popular pet birds in the USA. Their beautiful, colorful plumage is not the only reason for adoption. These lit creatures are pretty small: they are only 4.5-6 inches long. Additionally, budgies are virtually silent and solitary birds. Staying alone in its cage, a budgie doesn’t get lonely.

I guess your pets are to be your companions and stress relievers. Thus, I love my intelligent birds. Cockatiel vs budgie is:

  • easier to handle and tame;
  • more friendly and social;
  • a bit louder and talkative;
  • more beautiful and intelligent;
  • more affectionate to an owner.

A larger size is not indicative. Quite naturally, living in a small studio in a condo, you’d prefer a tiny pet. The good cage for a budgie is not huge. It easily fits any modern room. Additionally, noise and screaming shouldn’t disturb your neighbors.

is cockatiel or budgie better

Cockatiels are a bit larger birds. They need some space to fly. Occasionally, these parrots would make some noise, whistling or mimicking songs. But you’ll have a lot of fun, playing with your intelligent, smart pets.

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Where Do Cockatiels Come from?

Australian origin of your freshly-minted pets matters. Coming from arid and semi-arid habitats, they prefer open environments. Therefore, they need a lot of space inside their cages. They like being out of a cage, climbing ladders or sitting on its top on a perch. Loki loves it especially. She may spend a couple of hours that way.

Cockatiel’s favorite foods resemble their native forage. They may include:

  • seeds from glasses like millets;
  • edible greens like spinach, broccoli and celery leaves;
  • grains such as oats and wheat seeds;
  • fresh berries, fruits and nuts.

In summer, you can add them occasionally, in small quantities. Don’t forget to wash them properly and remove fruit pits and cores. Strawberry seeds might be toxic too. Make sure, fresh fruits are free of pesticides and chemicals. Additionally, they spoil fast, especially in a warm, humid environment. Remove and replace them twice a day, washing the bowls properly. Access to fresh, clean water is essential.

Do Male or Female Cockatiels Make Better Pets?

Wild cockatiels live and move in flocks. They do it to defend themselves from predators or escape from them. Thus, these highly social birds would build a bond with you. How do they show it? Cockatiel signs of affection include picking you. Sweetie likes sitting on my shoulder and playing with my hair.

I am sure all my feathered friends recognize me. When I come home, they greet me with a friendly chirp, nodding their heads and crests. Fortunately, cockatiels are not solitary birds. They bond with each other, living in pairs, mating and raising chicks. Commonly, they get along, enjoying the company of each other.

Can I keep a single cockatiel? It gives you virtually no advantage but for a smaller cage. Your single bird may be mad lonely. She or he will need a lot of your time and attention. Single pet birds may entertain, playing with their favorite toys or listening to music. You train them faster and easier. But on vacations, you may have to travel with your lovely feathered friend. A cherished bird would stand all mad crude bounces in your whip better than loneliness.

Bottom Line

Adopting a pet is not easy. You are to choose a bird or animal you like. Be ready to stand together and care about your companion for several decades. What can cockatiels eat? Healthy food is essential for your feathered birds. A safe, comfortable and rich environment is also important. It’s easy to gain basic knowledge on the matter. But you are to be patient and gentle. Paying some time to cockatiels, playing with them, you easily earn their trust. Every time you come home, they greet you friendly, showing affection. It’s worth much, as well as your pet birds’ health and happiness.


Hi, my name is Charlie. I come from Patchogue Village, New York. Are you fond of cockatiels? As for me, I’ve got four pet birds. Their names are Yo-Yo and Sweetie, Nigel and Loki. Do you know how to care for them? I’m trying to hunt down the questions now. Join me, and let’s do it together.


  • Hi!
    My friend has a Lucky corella boy and is so affectionate and friendly that it seems very easy to find such a friend for yourself. But I know that some birds have always lived in their family, so they have a lot of experience. What about me? I have absolutely no experience with poultry. What do you advise?

  • Hi Daniel,
    This is a question we get from beginners who are considering adopting a cockatiel for the first time. The answer, of course, is yes! Cockatiels are among the most popular pet birds due to their ability to talk and mimic sounds and other common sounds. If you’re looking for a new pet, or just want to adopt one, these birds will make a great addition to your family.

  • Cockatiels are very popular as companion birds due to their personality and temperament. They make for a great pet for young people because they are fun and easy to care for.

  • Like any other type of pet, you need to take the time to learn how to take care of a cockatiel. They have different needs when compared to cats or dogs. Remember, the more time you spend with these little birds, the more you’ll learn about them and the easier it will be to care for them.