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How to Clean Bird Cage With the Bird In It?

how to clean bird cage

You might adore your lovely feathered friends. At least, I do. Cockatiels are friendly, affectionate birds. I enjoy their beauty and charming nature. But these cute creatures are messy as all pet parrots. How to clean bird cage? Your charming pets are eating, playing and sleeping inside their cages. They like grooming their plumage, shedding feathers, and dander. They fling food scraps and droppings throughout the room. Lol! Their fastidious behavior is natural. Don’t be tight due to their bad habits. You may train them to do various tricks. If they are happy, they are gentle and sweet. So, their environment is to be sanitary and safe. Proper and regular cleaning of their place is essential.

Why Do You Have to Clean a Cockatiel Cage?

Your pet birds are social and lit. When they are in good mood, they are mad playful, and talkative. My male birds, Nigel and Yo-Yo are, for sure. They whistle and mimic sounds or climb up on cage bars and ladders. Female birds keep pace with them. They like chirping and grooming.

Quite naturally, they play nice when they are content. Healthy cockatiels are active and cuddly. But it’s not self-evident. Bet, your favorite cages for cockatiels is to be roomy enough. All its surfaces and accessories and to be clean. Additionally, their environment is to be free from:

  • dust;
  • droppings;
  • harmful fumes;
  • chemical odors;
  • bacteria;
  • mold spores.

Some kind of microbes may be an essential part of their life. In low proportions, they are allowable. But your avian pets shouldn’t live in an unhealthy, dirty environment. Piles of droppings on the bottom of the cage cause viruses and bacteria. They induce sneezing or allergies. Harsh chemicals and detergents are also harmful.

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How Often to Clean Cockatiel Cage?

Your lovely pets are intelligent and fun. In comparison with smaller birds, they learn tricks easily. But they are not able to be tidy and quiet. Do cockatiels behave like that? Your charming pets might be sick or feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, as a birds’ owner or a human member of their flock, you are to keep their cages clean.

What do you have to do? Some chores are essential and inevitable. Even if you are mad tired, busy or tight, do them willingly, So, let’s estimate the necessary amount of effort.

FrequencyTasks to PerformTools and Materials
Daily liner replacing thorough bowls and dishes cleaning sweeping or vacuuming birds monitoring and entertaining soapy water brushes and sponges cleaning cloth
Weeklyextensive cleaning disinfection scrubbing of all accessories and surfaceshot soapy water mild liquid detergent sandpaper steam cleaners
Monthly deep disinfection bleach solution

Regular cleaning is as important as a varied and balanced diet. You are to do it properly to eliminate any health or behavior issues.

Are Cockatiels Easy Pets?

Going to adopt a pair of cockatiels, you would ponder the issues. It might seem that after a long shift, commute and waiting on line, you need some rest. Your lovely pets seduce you from all hassles and troubles. Beautiful cockatiels entertain and amuse you.

Do cockatiels make good pets? My lovely birds are:

  • friendly;
  • beautiful;
  • easy-going;
  • gentle;
  • easy to train and breed.

They are not as obnoxious as flying rats or street pigeons. Are your feathered friends loud, messy or demanding? Bird’s size makes the difference. Smaller ones shed fewer feathers than larger ones. They excrete fewer droppings, taking less space in the room.

How long do cockatiels live in captivity? As long-living pets, they become your faithful life companions. But your cherished birds require your constant attention. Every day, you are to monitor their lifestyle, mood and behavior. Any changes in color, texture or amount of droppings may point to disease. Thus, it’s easier to prevent it than to treat it afterward.

are cockatiels easy pets

How to Clean Bird Toys?

Don’t forget to wear gloves while touching the droppings. They contain toxic ammonia. Can you just remove the topmost liner layer? If your birds are small, the bottom ones may remain dry and snowy. The paper would absorb smells and moisture, looking neat and tidy.

I guess you should change the liner every day. The tray requires washing and scrubbing too. What about the other accessories? Real talk, you are to provide your feathered friends with the best cockatiel toys. According to a study, they enrich the cockatiel environment. It has a positive effect on their behavior.

The more and diverse toys your bird pets have, the more active they are. Meanwhile, all accessories inside the bird cage are to be clean and sanitary. Every day, wipe or wash all surfaces, including;

  • perches;
  • ladders;
  • swings;
  • birdbaths;
  • bells and pacifiers.

Wash all plastic parts in warm, soapy water. Mild dish or liquid hand soap is suitable. If you rinse and dry all the surfaces thoroughly, it’s safe for birds. Cleaning methods for wooden perches and swings are debatable.

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How to Clean a Bird Cage with Bird Inside?

Even if you work hard, daily cleaning is essential. Coming home late at night, you would be mad tired. Are your feathered pets sleeping, napping or preening at that point in time? In the wild, birds commonly fall asleep by sunset. Your lovely pets may adjust their daily practices to your schedule.

They would greet you coming home. Don’t forget to talk to your lovely birds. Scratch their crests and heads. In some minutes or a bit later, continue with your essential daily chores. Every day or evening, you should:

  • keep an eye on cockatiels, their look and environment;
  • change the liner;
  • wash all accessories, including bowls and toys;
  • clean the cage bottom thoroughly;
  • remove beasty debris from the floor around it.

Can you avoid moving cockatiels to another room? If your cage is easy to clean, it’s possible. Featuring slide-out trays, removable grills and bottoms, these enclosures are convenient and hygienic.

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How Often Shall You Clean The Cage Tray?

Daily sanitation might be simple and intuitive. Have you had a long, stressful day? In New York, the challenges of a vaccine pass app could make delays. Subway crowding happens during rush hours. Cage cleaning shouldn’t be a hassle. Viewing your exotic pet birds brings happiness, joy or positive emotions, at least.

Your affection and attention are essential. Day-to-day cockatiel care might be minimal. How often shall you wipe the cage bars? If they are dirty, soiled with droppings or food, do it right now. Otherwise, weekly cleaning is enough. Use only a wet rag, sponge or brush, therefore.

Make sure the bar is dry after wiping. Metal surfaces would rust or deteriorate. Repeating thorough scrubbing may wipe durable epoxy coating off. The liner is to be always fresh. Do you know what to put on the bottom of a bird cage? Various materials are available, including:

  • paper towels;
  • newspapers;
  • wood shaving;
  • special supplies.

Towels or gravel paper products are beneficial. They keep fumes and dust at bay, preventing cockatiels’ health issues. Additionally, these items are safe, economical, intuitive to replace.

How to Clean a Parakeet Cage?

Size of your pet birds matter. Smaller parrot species make less mess and noise. Being only 8-9 inches long, these tiddlers consume less food. Does it matter? If you decide which pack (medium or small) to select, it makes the difference. I guess cage cleaning should be as frequent as medium-size birds need.

Why is the life span of a parrot so short? These nippy birds live only up to 6-8 years in captivity. If you clean their cages on monthly basis only, it would be mad beasty. A smaller cage requires the same amount of attention as a larger one. Every evening, you are to clean its:

  • bottom;
  • tray;
  • grilles;
  • water bowls;
  • feeding cups.

Cage bottom is the heartland of your daily cleaning chores. Keeping this surface clean might be a challenging task. A detachable tray makes your job easier. You can simply remove it to wash thoroughly or just replace the liner. Discard the droppings, debris and food particles together with the top layer of paper.

How to Clean a Budgie Cage?

Small pet birds, such as budgies or parakeets need the same attention as larger ones. These tiny tots are less messy and less demanding. But they are more sensitive to touches and fumes. Real talk, hand-fed birds are much friendlier than untamed budgies. Anyway, try not to disturb them every day too much.

Just slide the tray out, change the liner and bring it back to the cage. The bowls do require daily washing. Scrub them thoroughly, rinse and dry properly. Do it every time you change water and food. Reach them through:

  • the bottom;
  • large front door;
  • sliding access doors.

Of course, most cool and large budgie cages are beneficial. It features several feeding doors, letting you wash and refill the bowls easily. Your timid birds can’t escape. You don’t disturb them too much. So, they feel mad free, and comfortable in their neat, roomy home.

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Where Do you Put Birdcages?

Your messy birds might fling feathers, seeds, and hulls throughout their cage. My lovely cockatiels like spilling seeds and pellets. Sweetie does it mad cheerily. She takes it for a tight game that is fun and engaging. She scatters their food everywhere: to the water bowls, on the bottom, and her favorite toys.

Shall you sweep the floor every day? You may do it less often, if your cage comes with handy features, such as:

  • seed catchers and skirts;
  • detachable mesh panels;
  • cage apron;
  • storage shelves and bins.

If you know, how to keep area around bird cage clean, it won’t be difficult. Lit accessories like cage aprons and waste shields collect seeds and debris. They keep droppings from falling down. You can also put a plastic mat on the floor to make regular cleanup easier.

Are you going to wash the floor? If your cage comes with a durable stand and rolling casters, it’s bussin. Just move it to another corner and do the job.

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Where Do You Put a Bird When Cleaning a Cage?

Doing your daily chores, you can keep your pets inside the cage. They might be busy at that point, grooming each other or playing with their new toys. Real talk, cleaning would catch their attention. My lovely cockatiels enjoy grilling me while I’m changing the liner.

They don’t mind me removing the tray and the bowls. They are looking forward to a new portion of food, relaxing on their perches. Deep cleaning is another thing. Doing it, you should:

  • place the birds into another cage or room;
  • remove all their stuff;
  • lift it to the bathroom, clean and sanitize properly.
  • wash, clean, and disinfect the cage.

What disinfectant is safe for birds? Use only the special supplies, available in pet shops. Weekly sanitation is necessary to kill harmful pathogens and microbes. Veterinary solutions work against harmful spores and fungi. They kill viruses and pathogenic bacteria available in the bird droppings.

How to Clean a Bird Cage After a Bird Dies?

Deep or weekly cleaning is to be thorough and elaborate. It would take some effort, deserving consideration. The first thing to consider is temporary cockatiels’ location. You are to be completely sure your feathered friends are safe and sound. Their new environment might be small, but unharmful.

Place them in another cage or even in a travel carrier. Real talk, it won’t be dumb comfortable. But even a simple and lightweight temporary home enhances the bird’s security. Why don’t cockatiels fly free around the room? During a deep cleaning, it might be harmful.

Another room is to meet the needs too. You are to bird-proof it beforehand, eliminating dangers, like:

  • poisoning;
  • escaping;
  • deep water;
  • electrical cords;
  • non-stick coating.

Any of these hazards may kill your lovely birds. Will you sweep the floor with the birds in the room? It would raise the dust, affecting their respiratory system. Harsh detergents and chemical cleaners are especially dangerous.

Are Steam Mops Safe for Birds?

Your cherished birds shouldn’t have access to any moving parts and electrical tools. Vacuum cleaners are on the list. Before vacuuming the floor, make sure, your cockatiels are far from you and secure. They may fly free only around a bird-proof room.

The same things go for all cleanings tools. Steam mops get hot, so cockatiels should not be able to touch them operating. Meanwhile, proper disinfection is essential. What is a steam cleaner useful for? If a disaster happens, or one of your birds is sick, it’s essential.

Real talk, you may scrub all surfaces with:

  • toothbrushes;
  • sandpaper;
  • scrub brushes;
  • paper towels.

It works dumb good on natural, rough-surface wooden perches or so. Treatment with mild antimicrobial solution or detergent would be essential. Chemical-free disinfection and sanitation are beneficial. Extreme heat works against viruses, mold, germs and pathogenic bacteria. Steam is efficient on all hard surfaces like the floor under the cage, shelves, trays, etc.

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How Do I Get Dried Bird Poop off My Cage?

Regular cleaning is beneficial. It lets your lovely cockatiels feel easy and cozy. Additionally, bird droppings are acidic. I hope, they look normal, as usual? If so, your feathered friends might be healthy. Anyway, bird droppings contain uric acid. If they sit on any surfaces, they may damage them.

Additionally, they contain harmful dust, able to cause infections. Thus, if a bottom grate or any other removable parts have stubborn stains, it’s crusty. Clean it by:

  • placing it in your bathtub;
  • soaking in lukewarm water;
  • scrubbing properly;
  • rinsing and drying.

Or prefer a faster and more efficient method. How does vapor steam cleaning work? It uses only heat and pressure to sanitize the surfaces. It does not require any harmful chemicals to dissolve the dirt. Thus, it causes no side effects on your cherished sensitive birds. Additionally, steam evaporates immediately, requiring no rinsing or intense wiping.

How Do You Clean an Old Bird Cage?

Fortunately, I had no accidents with electric cords or moving ceiling fans. My first parrots lived long. They reached their old age, experiencing no severe health issues. Meanwhile, elderly birds need a special diet that is lower in fat and protein. More comfortable, padded or shelf perches are also essential.

Thick and reliable, bird-safe cotton ropes would be useful. This stuff requires delicate cleaning or washing. Meanwhile, infections and diseases happen. Will you use a dilute bleach solution to avoid contamination? Even in a well-ventilated area, this toxic substance might affect your lungs.

The hydrogen peroxide bird cage cleaning method is a bit less harmful. In comparison with bleach, this disinfectant and antiseptic it’s less:

  • hazardous;
  • irritating;
  • corrosive;
  • reactive;
  • toxic.

In low concentrations, hydrogen peroxide is acceptable. You can use it in an extreme case. If any of your birds are sick or weak, get its 3 percent solution. Soak the dirty accessories in it. But it would suit only smooth, solid surfaces.

how to clean bird toys

Can You Use Vinegar to Clean a Bird Cage?

Hydrogen peroxide is an unstable substance. By light exposure, it decomposes naturally, breaking down into water and oxygen. But it might be as toxic as other chemicals. If you inhale or digest it, it causes irritation. So, you should rinse all cage surfaces properly after cleaning, eliminating odors.

No residue should remain on the surfaces. Soft cotton and trimming require delicate care and handwashing. Homemade, natural solutions are acceptable. The list of safe cleansers may include:

  • baking soda;
  • white vinegar;
  • lemon juice;
  • salt.

Can I use baking soda to clean birdcages? This popular household product helps you with deep cleaning issues. It has lit antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Additionally, baking soda has a whitening effect. It eliminates odors and stubborn food remnants efficiently.

White vinegar is an efficient disinfectant and cleaning agent too. It contains acetic acid that kills bacteria and germs. Additionally, it won’t harm your feathers friends, being natural and non-toxic. Its diluted solution suits even cotton ropes washing and sanitizing applications.

Bottom Line

Cockatiels are lovely, smart, and beautiful pets. They are not mad demanding, being easy to care for. Real talk, cage cleaning is one of the basic tasks. It’s necessary to make cockatiels’ environment safe and comfortable. Do it properly, avoiding harsh chemicals and sprays. Make sure your feathered friends are out of danger, in a bird-proof room or another cage. But if the cage is well-designed, it makes your job intuitive. Removable trays and access doors let you do daily chores in a trice. Cage aprons collect debris and droppings, preventing them from falling on the floor. Thus, save your time, avoiding laborious and exhausting routine. Pay more attention to your lovely birds, playing and talking to them. With due affection, in a clean environment, your pets will be happy and healthy, giving you a lot of joy.


Hi, my name is Charlie. I come from Patchogue Village, New York. Are you fond of cockatiels? As for me, I’ve got four pet birds. Their names are Yo-Yo and Sweetie, Nigel and Loki. Do you know how to care for them? I’m trying to hunt down the questions now. Join me, and let’s do it together.

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