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How Do Birds Lay Eggs without Mate?

how do birds lay eggs without mate

Are you going to adopt a single female cockatiel? If you are a selfish person, you may do it. Your bird can live alone. With proper care and nutrition, she may be healthy. Your cherished pet won’t be happy, and it may impact her behavior. How do birds lay eggs without mate? It’s a natural seasonal process. Birds have a genetic predisposition to egg-laying: both wild and domestic species do it regularly. But frequent egg laying is not healthy: it would exhaust your cherished feathered friend, making her weak. How to deal with it? Let me give you some pieces of advice.

Can a Female Cockatiel Lay Eggs without a Male?

Keeping a pet cockatiel alone might seem to be easier. It has some benefits, as it saves your effort. Breeding cockatiels is a time-consuming and demanding process. Above all, newborn chicks are mad delicate. Secondly, they are blind, featherless and helpless. Moreover, hand-feeding every 2 hours could be necessary.

If you live in a crazy hood, keeping a single pet bird might be a lit opportunity. How big should a cockatiel cage be? A small cockatiel alone requires less space. In comparison with a pair of birds or a male pet, she might be more:

  • docile;
  • quiet;
  • gentle;
  • cuddly;
  • easier to train.

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The best cages for cockatiels is large, safe and well-equipped. Living in a small apartment in a condo is not a piece of cake. You may have limited space: noisy birds shouldn’t disturb your neighbors. But cockatiels are social creatures. In the wild, they live in flocks. Lonely life would make your cherished bird experience stress. It may cause aggressive behavior or depression.

can a female cockatiel lay eggs without a male

Why Do Birds Lay Eggs without a Mate?

A lonely pet bird is commonly more friendly and lovable. She would bond with you faster and easier. Besides, a small, calm birdie wouldn’t make much mess. But your lovely cockatiel would heavily seek your attention. If you are a remote worker, it seems to be a lit solution.

Do you study or work, being absent for 8-10 hours/day? Your cherished pet bird might be bored or nervous due to loneliness. What will she do? Entertaining with her best cockatiel toys is involving. She may exercise, climbing ladders. Grilling other pets, like a cat or dog is frightening.

Quite, naturally, your feathered friend would love to play with you. Reproductive health is a different story. How many eggs does a cockatiel lay? She would still do it regularly. Hormones trigger the process. Your lovely pet bird may lay one egg/day, up to 7-8 eggs/clutch. It lasts till the end of the cycle.

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Can Cockatiel Eggs Hatch without a Male?

Without mating, your female per bird would lay eggs. She may still try to incubate them, sitting on the nest. But these eggs are sterile. As there is no male bird to fertilize them, these eggs won’t hatch. Direct sunlight exposure or warm environment can trigger cockatiel egg laying behavior.

If a nest box is absent, your cherished pet bird would lay eggs directly on the floor. What to put on the bottom of a bird cage? A thick (up to 2 inches) layer of soft material like pine shavings is beneficial. It doesn’t let the eggs break.

Are you sure the eggs are sterile? Don’t remove them, unless they fall or go bad. It might cause dangerous health issues, like:

If an egg breaks, replace it with a dummy (marble or wooden) item. If the shell is not dumb thin, don’t touch the egg. Wait until cockatiel abandons it, and clean the cage.

can cockatiel eggs hatch without a male

How to Prevent Your Pet Bird from Laying Eggs?

If you live in a sunny state, like California or Nevada, it may become tight. Abundance of sunlight in summer or spring induces hormonal release. In birds, it may become uncontrolled. If your cherished pet lays more than 2-3 clutches/year, she is not healthy.

How long does it take for cockatiel eggs to hatch? The incubation period lasts up to 18-21 days: a cockatiel would sit on her infertile eggs for a month. Excessive egg laying would make her week or sick. Besides, it would exhaust her vitality.

Quite naturally, you can influence your pet’s behavior. Do it by:

  • changing your feathered friend’s diet;
  • eliminating cage mirrors;
  • reducing sunlight exposure;
  • removing nest box from the cage;
  • separating the cockatiel from other birds;
  • inducing molting.

Lack of nesting sites would make your lovely pet stop laying eggs. Keep her in a dark, cozy place, and it calms her down. Limit high-fat foods, like sunflower seeds. Let her get more calcium and vitamins. Move her cage. Cockatiels commonly molt after breeding. If it starts, she won’t be ready to lay eggs.

General Conclusion

“My cockatiel laid an egg without a mate. Will it hatch? It seems to be a dead-ender. Sterile, non-fertile eggs won’t give birth to no bird creatures. Abnormal egg-laying will only exhaust your cherished female bird. It would make her weak, nervous or aggressive. So, try to maintain her health, providing comfortable environment. A fresh, well-balanced diet is beneficial. Otherwise, find her a suitable mate. Let cockatiels communicate and breed naturally. They would get on happily together and raise chicks.


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