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Cockatoo vs Cockatiel: Who Has Better Intelligence?

cockatoo vs cockatiel

Will you have a vacation in August? If so, you would dream about a family trip or a lit cruise to a beautiful destination. It might be in Mexico, Paris or any island in the Caribbean. What about your lovely pets? Let’s compare cockatoo vs cockatiel. Now, you can travel with your vocal birds or stay home with them. Real talk, their sizes, behavior and personalities make difference. It could be too complicated to transport a large and loud avian pet. Smaller and gentler cockatiels can be your loyal travel companions. Quite naturally, there are plenty of other finer points. Try to consider them before adopting a fresh pair of birds.

What Is Cockatiel vs Cockatoo as Pets?

Thinking about a new, ace addition to your close-knit family is not easy. It is to be your deliberate decision, as you get a lifetime commitment. Indeed, the parrots are similar birds, originating from the same “Cacatuidae” family.

Taxonometry unites them. Real talk, both parrot species are beautiful. They come from Australia or Oceania. All these gallant birds have hooked beaks, distinctive wings and tails. These lovely pets are quite affectionate and smart. They bond strongly with their caring owners, being intuitive to train. Meanwhile, the difference is significant.

Is a Cockatoo a Parrot?

Quite naturally, it’s one of 21 widely known parrot species. Friendly cockatiels also belong to this common category. However, you would easily tell the distinctive birds apart. The size is an important, but not a critical criterion.

Large and loud cockatoos commonly have less colorful plumage than their flying brethren. They have solid (plain) coloring. The popular feather shades are:

  • white;
  • gray;
  • black;
  • pink or yellow.

Bright yellow, red or dark blue birds are less common, but you might occasionally see them. The patches of other tints are dumb few and small. On the contrary, cockatiels are bright and colorful.

How Big is a Cockatoo?

Real talk, you may love these fun creatures. Most of them are beautiful, having movable, forward-curving head crests. Their plumage is pretty attractive. However, a cockatoo is not your ideal pet for a small apartment. If you live in a tiny, 350-500 sq. ft. studio, it may aggy you.

The bird’s length makes 20-24 inches. Of course, it’s not an issue. You may love your large or medium-size birds, as well as domesticated dogs or cats. A pair of cockatoos need a cage that is 48 inches wide, at least. It should be 72 inches tall or even larger. Additionally, the birds are quite needy or demanding.

how big is a cockatoo bird

Are Cockatoos Perfect Pets?

There are different opinions on this point. Hand-fed, tamed cockatoos may become your lifetime companions. They are even more affectionate and gentle than cockatiels. The birds would become cuddly, bonding strongly with you.

At the same time, they are dumb moody and emotional avian pets. In a tiny apartment, cockatiels may become noisy, dusty or shouty. These gorgeous exotic birds are good at learning tricks and mimicking sounds. They do if you pay them a great deal of your time and attention. Additionally, you can’t leave cockatoos alone for a long time. They may become depressed and feel lonely.

Which Avian Pets Are More Popular?

Before adopting a pair of cockatoo birds, think twice. These lovely parrots are dumb social. They take a lot of your time, effort and attention. The large birds need at least three hours to be out of the cage, exercise and interact with you. Additionally, they are quite noisy.

In the very morning, they may wake up your neighbors, screaming or mimicking sounds. Smaller pet birds are common in the USA. They are widespread and easy to keep. How big is a cockatiel? Sweetie is about 12 inches long now. The height of Yo-Yo is about 14 inches. Nevertheless, even in a small apartment, my lovely pets can fly and feel safe.

Do You Leave The Avian Pets Alone?

If you are an experienced pet owner, it could be simple to get along with cockatoos. These pet birds are fun, comical, intuitive to train and affectionate. Will you leave them for a day, going to work? Your avian pets might like watching movies or grilling other birds through the window.

How big should a cockatiel cage be? It would find enough room in your cozy home. Real talk, you won’t leave your feathered friend for a week, going on vacation. It would be tight stress for them. Cockatoos are even moodier and more demanding. 7-8 hours are their limits. Without attention, cockatoos may develop neurotic behavior.

Will You Travel with Your Pets?

Real talk, you won’t limit your traveling and career opportunities due to the parrots. How long do cockatiels live in captivity? Spending 20 or 25 years with your cherished pets is a long term. How often do you move? I guess you do every 5-6 years, at least.

Last year, I went on vacation with my feathered friends. It’s not easy, but possible to travel with them even by car. You would need several essential things, like:

  • a durable travel carrier;
  • some soft perches inside;
  • reliable seat belts;
  • a light blanket or sheet to cover the cage.

On the contrary, cacatua are too large and loud to travel.

How To Get Along with a Naughty Parrot?

Chatty and emotional, cacatua don’t tolerate boredom. They need plenty of exercise and attention. 3-4 hours of playtime a day is their bare minimum. Otherwise, cockatoos may become self-destructive or aggressive. They start plucking their beautiful feathers or destroy their toys.

Are you able to maintain this daily routine for 50-60 years? Adopting a very young parrot, you have to hand-fed his or her. Upon taming, start training sessions. These lovely birds are not easy to handle and breed. Some cockatoo species are still smaller and quieter than the other ones.

umbrella cockatoo lifespan

Common Types of Cockatoos

As well as your inquisitive cockatiels, cacatuas like playing games. They perform tricks and mimic various sounds. However, they may destroy flimsy toys or cages. These birds are pretty strong. They have tough beaks.

Meanwhile, some cockatoo species are quite popular avian pets. They include:

  • citron;
  • umbrella;
  • galah;
  • sulfur-crested;
  • black palm.

Compare them with your passionate avian pets. How long do cockatiels live? Their lifetime makes 15-20 years in safe and favorable conditions. Galah (rose-breasted) cockatoo may live up to 70-80 years in captivity. These birds stand out with impressive pink coloration. They are not too large, measuring 12-15 inches but quite bold and loud.

Umbrella Cockatoo vs Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

Are there easy and calm cockatoo species? Citron birds are quieter and smaller than their avian brethren. Coming from Indonesian Sumba Island, these species need acclimatization. They are remarkably beautiful, having orange crests and off-white bodies. However, these pets are dumb inquisitive and nervous.

Sulfur-crested cockatoos have an impressive yellowish head crest. Separate yellow patches and feather might be also available. The birds are less independent and more difficult to handle. A white talking bird or an umbrella cockatoo is large but family-friendly. The avian pets are gentle and affectionate. They like mimicking words and get along with older children pretty well.

Cockatoo vs Macaw

Would you like to adopt other exotic birds? Macaws are even larger, louder and stronger than cockatoos. An adult avian pet might be up to 40 inches in height. It weighs more than 3 pounds. So, the birds require giant, safe cages and sturdy, mental-stimulating toys.

Do cockatiels make good pets? If you have no experience in the area, it’s an ideal choice. The playful birds would become your loyal friends for many years. I love my avian pets. Sweetie and Yo-Yo, Nigel and Loki, they take a great deal of my time and attention. However, they feel comfortable and safe. As opposed to cockatoos or macaws, they can live in town houses or apartments.

What Are The Types of Cockatiels?

It’s not possible to confuse these gorgeous birds. Macaws also vary in species or types. But their feathers are always colorful, with bright green, yellow, dark blue, and red patches. The large birds can live only in special aviaries. Outdoor enclosures are good in summer. Indoor ones are necessary during brick weather.

Cacatua species differ by their prominent head crests. Cockatiels are recognizable not only by their sizes. These birds with long tail feathers have specific wide bottoms. Quite naturally, every feathered friend looks and behaves singularly. He or she has own personality, character, and preferences. However, only one cockatiel type exists. Their mutations or colors vary.

how many types of cockatiels are there

Are Cockatiel Colorations Special?

Adopting these lovely avian pets, you may wish to study up on them. All of these birds belong to the Nymphicus hollandicus type. Quite naturally, there are different pigmentations and mutations. How would you recognize them? Real talk, you won’t do a genetic test.

Bright, orange or yellow cheek spots unlock the parrot-type secret. Let me say, an albino or lutino cockatiel commonly has a bright yellow head. Both birds’ genders have a similar appearance, with yellow dots and bars on the body. Normally, cockatiels have thinner head crests than large and impressive parrots. It tells you about your lit pet’s mood and feelings.

Normal Grey vs Cinnamon Cockatiels

Real talk, your feathery friends’ differentiation makes difference. Let me say, lutino or yellow cockatiels commonly have white or light-yellow bodies. It’s a pretty popular mutation. These bright little birds are loveable and agreeable. Sweetie and Yo-Yo belong to this category, and they are very friendly.

The normal grey cockatiel’s color is original. They are pretty spread in the wild. These lit birds have grey-colored feathers. Smart yellowish faces and bright orange cheek spots go without saying. That’s the way my cherished Loki and Nigel look. Cinnamon birds have a bit darker, silver-brownish bodies.

I Can’t Tame My Cockatiel

If you want to adopt a distinctive bird, later mutations are available. For example, a pearl cockatiel stands out by unique patterns of white and yellow spots. Your male pets might look dumb brighter than their female companions. Meanwhile, mutations or colorations, commonly don’t determine the cockatiels’ behavior.

Fortunately, they are much calmer, easier to keep and train than large birds. A scared or stressed bird may hiss at you or bite you. Try to take your time with training, making sure, your lovely bird is:

  • comfortable;
  • healthy;
  • happy;
  • entertained;
  • well-fed.

Speak softly to your cherished pets and offer them their favorite treats.

Can You Keep Cockatoos and Smaller Cockatiels Together?

If you want to train your dear feathery friends, be patient. Cockatiels are dumb small and gentle birds. If they trust you, they would be calm, obedient and playful. They may mimic words and do tricks, but only after a long, painstaking work. Take at least two training sessions per day. Do it, when your bird is comfortable and in good mood.

What about cockatoos or macaws? Large birds are inquisitive and intelligent, like cockatiels. However, they handle the captivity stress not so easily. Be careful with these beasts, move slowly and talk quietly to your pets. And, real talk, try to keep different pet birds in separate cages or aviaries. A large and stronger cockatoo may become aggressive and harm your cherished cockatiel.

can cockatiels and cockatoos live together

Will You Recognize Your Pets?

Of course, you do. Adopting young chicks and hand-feeding them, you cope with it. Over time, you would understand their gestures. Cheerful whistling or head shaking yields up the bird’s emotions and mood.

Do cockatiels recognize their owners? Real talk, they do. Every day, they wait for you to come home and greet you cheerfully. If you leave them for about a week, they would feel lonely and sad. What about your vacation? It’s quite easy to travel with cockatiels. Cacatua and macaws are much more difficult. They need sturdy, chew-resistant travel carriers and your close attention.

Bottom Line

Cockatiels are relatively simple to handle and breed. Anyway, these lovely birds need your close attention, affection and time. They require healthy, varied food and enough space to play and exercise. Larger parrots, like cacatua or macaws, are difficult pets. Several things are essential to satisfy their demands.

Solution 1. Friendly and sociable, cockatiels need not too much space. They find enough room in a tiny apartment or your practical whip. Cockatoos and, especially macaws would feel comfortable only in an aviary. Quite necessary, they need special, roomy and sturdy cages. Are you going to travel with these beasts? Reliable, chew-resistant travel carriers are critical goods. Quite naturally, you may find and cop them. But you certainly would transport cockatoos only when you move.

Solution 2. All parrot species need perches to sit on. For large birds, they should be durable, preferably wooden and natural. Real talk, top-quality ladders, and toys are essential. They don’t let your precious birds feel bored or uneasy. For cockatoos, they should be safe, sturdy, and challenging. Chewing or foraging toys meet their needs.

Solution 3. Every pet bird needs varied and nutritional food. In summer, it may include fresh fruits and veggies. This way, your lovely feathered friends feel happy and healthy. Real talk, they pay you back with a lot of affection.F


Hi, my name is Charlie. I come from Patchogue Village, New York. Are you fond of cockatiels? As for me, I’ve got four pet birds. Their names are Yo-Yo and Sweetie, Nigel and Loki. Do you know how to care for them? I’m trying to hunt down the questions now. Join me, and let’s do it together.

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