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Can Cockatiels Eat Grapes?

can cockatiels eat grapes

Late summer is lit time. Do you like it? Take it as a warm and comfortable season: vacations or getaways make it astonishing and fascinating. A variety of fruits, berries, and veggies is valuable. They give you essential nutrients and energy. What about your pets? Can cockatiels eat grapes, for instance? Your cherished pet birds should get them. Their diet is to be balanced and healthy. Due to all of these vitamins and some more sunlight, they remain fit. Do your cockatiels enjoy eating fruits? They would appreciate these fresh, delicious treats. But you are to consider the amounts. How will you serve the grapes? Real talk, you are to eliminate all possible risks. So, let’s delve into details.

Seasonal Benefits and Challenges: What Fruit Can a Bird’s Eat?

August is a perfect time. In New York, it’s moderately hot and humid: daytime temperatures reach only the low 80s. Light and heavy rains are frequent. Additionally, in summer and early fall, the city is prone to hurricanes and tornadoes. Heavy winds and torrential thunderstorms also happen.

Are cockatiels afraid of thunderstorms? Real talk, they do. These meteorological events commonly come with:

  • thunder;
  • loud noises;
  • lightning strikes;
  • sudden dimming or darkening.

Some of your lovely birds may become alarmed, starting agitating. First of all, they are to be healthy, getting their cool food for cockatiels. It is to be balanced and nutritious, including calming supplements. I guess all cockatiels like to eat grapes. At least mine do.

Their personalities and reactions differ. Thus, being in a good mood, Nigel enjoys watching fireworks. He grills them, gazing out the window. The others may shake, hiding in their cages. So, you are to calm your charming pets, being near them.

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Do You Go on Vacation?

You are to create a cozy, quiet environment for your cockatiels. Keep their cages away from windows, visible doors and drafts. Fortunately, due to the firework ban, sharp sound effects won’t disturb the birds. Only on Labor Day, professionals may light it. As to the direct sunlight, you are on safe ground.

In New York, it’s commonly wet and cloudy. August and September are no exception. Do you get your vacation? According to US Travel Tracker, 36% of Americans spend it in August. Will you leave your cherished pets alone? It may cause stress.

Do you like swimming and sunbathing? In NYC, you might visit the nearest beaches, like:

  • Brighton;
  • Manhattan;
  • Midland;
  • Jones.

Intelligent birds get attached to you. Don’t leave them for more than 10-12 hours alone. How long do cockatiels live in captivity? Their life expectancy makes 20-25 years. Diverse nutrition with fresh, seasonal food matters. So, you are to consider it before adopting the pets. Trust only your family member or a qualified avian pet sitter. A reliable individual would see about cockatiels properly.

how long can cockatiels live in captivity

Traveling Concerns

Leaving a cockatiel alone is possible. Real talk, it’s necessary. Things like work or school are essential. Having a long commute or waiting on line, you might come home later. 7 or 9 hours are not critical. Cockatiels won’t be tight over that. If they live in pairs and entertain each other, it’s ok.

The favorite cockatiel toys don’t let your lovely birds feel bored. They won’t be grilling the door but exercise. Climbing a ladder or sitting on a swing is so exciting! Leave soft music on. Playing in the background, it calms or entertains your lovely birds.

Leaving for a weekend or so, find a reliable caregiver. What cockatiels can’t eat? The individual you trust won’t feed them with:

  • salt;
  • chocolate;
  • sugar;
  • fatty snacks;
  • high-fat and high-sugar foods.

The list of toxic foods is not long, but you are to eliminate the risks. If you are not sure, buy a travel carrier. Equip it with soft perches and take cockatiels along. Or use a ready food mix. It’s well-balanced and completely safe.

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What Fruits Are Toxic to Cockatiels?

You may still wish to be absent longer. A family trip would take about a week or two. In New York, children come back to school only by the end of September. So, they will be glad to visit Niagara Falls or Disney World in Orlando. It would be also cool to relax in a kid-friendly Florida resort.

What about your charming cockatiels? Without food and fresh water, they live only up to 48 hours. In real talk, in actual life, this amount of time might be much less. You are to change it daily or even twice a day, avoiding:

  • avocado;
  • onions;
  • garlic;
  • rhubarb leaves;
  • mushrooms;
  • raw or uncooked beans.

Is avocado the only fruit toxic to cockatiels? By the way, botanically, it’s a large berry. Containing fungicidal toxins, it may cause respiratory and heart problems in birds. Real talk, risks and dangers are numerous. They include fruit seeds and pits, pesticides and so on. So, better place the cockatiels’ cage into the backseat of your whip, secure it with a seat belt and take the road.

what foods are toxic to cockatiels

Are Grapes OK for Cockatiels?

Your lovely birds should get the widest possible variety of fruits. In New York their safe seasonal ones include:

  • apples;
  • peaches;
  • pears;
  • melons;
  • plums;
  • watermelons.

Real talk, you might cop them when even in your supermarket. It would be dangerous. Storing fruits long is not easy. Suppliers might spray them with chemicals to prevent spoiling. In September and October, American grapes are available. You may buy them loose even in your local bodega. They remain fresh in your fridge during 2-3 days only.

So, your friendly birds should like to eat grapes. Real talk, they are on the list of cockatiel favorite foods. Mine do. Especially Sweetie. She loves grapes, watching her treats eagerly. She sticks her head into her food dish, making chirping sounds.

Additionally, grapes are useful. They provide energy to cockatiels. These nutritious, sweet fruits are essential to their healthy lives. But feed your cockatiels with grapes in moderation. What are the basic reasons? Let me recite them.

can cockatiels eat human food

Can Birds Have Purple Grapes?

Commonly, most fruits are safe and healthy for cockatiels. Grapes are no different. They are mad popular and nutrient-rich. It’s strange, but botanically grapes are berries. They are juicy and round, as well as avocados, watermelons and tomatoes. Not all of them are safe to cockatiels.

Grapes are mad tasty, scrumptious fruits. People love them, consuming grapes to prevent chronic diseases. The sweet fruits are rich in:

  • vitamins A, C and K;
  • potassium;
  • manganese;
  • antioxidants.

The nutritional value of grapes is high. In terms of energy or calories, you may compare it only to pears, apples and bananas. People consume them regularly, especially in September. The sweet berries are refreshing and lit. In the morning, they give you a boost of energy. So, raw or fresh grapes are a perfect snack.

Do you believe in the outstanding healing and preventive properties of grapes? If, so, they may relieve your migraines, diabetes or asthma. Cockatiels consume various types of grapes. But, for example, I would still prefer table ones, white or green. Purple or wine grapes contain tannin. In humans, it may cause allergies or digestive problems.

Can Cockatiels Eat Grape Seeds?

Any types of grapes are safe and healthy. The fruits with seeds and seedless ones are beneficial. Green, red and black varieties are acceptable. Grape seeds are edible. They contain antioxidants, like melatonin and flavonoids. Besides, fatty acids are also mad healthy and beneficial.

Humans consume them with berries. We also take them as oil and extract, to feel and look younger. It benefits our eyes and skin, having anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects. But as well as other fruit pits and seeds, they contain tiny amounts of cyanide.

What can cockatiels eat? You may know it exactly. Ripe seasonal fruits may seem to be completely safe. Don’t forget to avoid pear and apple seeds, as well as pits of:

  • cherries;
  • apricots;
  • plums;
  • peaches.

They would cause poisoning and dangerous health issues. Tiny seeds of berries and those of pumpkins, melons and oranges are edible. Portions and amounts matter.

Can Parrots Eat Grape Branches?

During your vacation, you might have delicious grapes to the full. Within due limits, it’s beneficial. Eating grapes promotes healthy sleep. It boosts immune systems, increasing appetite. In terms of humans, grapes are low-calorie berries. Overeating them leads to weight gain, diarrhea or allergies.

Can you eat a grape stem? I guess you won’t do it. Making extracts of them is a different story. It contains flavonoids and polyphenol. Wine-makers widely use it to add flavor or woody flavors to the beverage. Grape skins are also a lit source of nutrition.

Do you think, cockatiels would eat grapes out of stems? Even if it’s safe, non-toxic, avoid it. Think about the amounts. Grapes are high in sugar. So, serve them to your lovely birds:

  • as treats;
  • one or two times a week;
  • clean and in small pieces;
  • as a mix, together with other fruits and veggies.

Wash every berry carefully. Make sure, it’s pesticide-free and safe. Feed cockatiels with grapes in moderation, occasionally, making sure they are fresh.

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Bottom Line

Grapes are safe, healthy fruits. They benefit cockatiels, giving them a boost of energy. They might have a calming effect, promoting sound sleep. But grapes are not the only fruits and not the only foods in the cockatiel’s diet. Variety is beneficial. So, give them in moderation, occasionally, as treats.

Your friendly birds should love grapes! Buy only the local types, during the season. Support American farmers, avoiding chemicals and pesticides. Additionally, wash the grapes properly. Grapes spoil fast, as well as strawberries. Under high humidity conditions, fungal and bacterial growth are possible. So, don’t leave the grapes in the cage for a long time. Remove the leftovers in some hours. Take care of your cherished cockatiels, letting them be healthy and happy.


Hi, my name is Charlie. I come from Patchogue Village, New York. Are you fond of cockatiels? As for me, I’ve got four pet birds. Their names are Yo-Yo and Sweetie, Nigel and Loki. Do you know how to care for them? I’m trying to hunt down the questions now. Join me, and let’s do it together.

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