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How to Clip Cockatiel Wings?

Are you going to crop your birds’ feathers? It’s your personal decision. Quite naturally, your local avian vet can solve this task. The professional knows for sure how to clip cockatiel wings. Do you want to do it by yourself? Consider the bird’s age, size and motion cycle. Make sure you don’t harm your cherished pet. Ask somebody to help you and let’s start!

how to clip cockatiel wings

Basic Reasons to Clip Your Parrots’ Wings

So, you decided to clip your birds’ wings. Why do you want is? Do you just want to prevent your lovely pet from flying away? The procedure is commonly performed for:

  • safety;
  • taming;
  • medical necessity.

Quite naturally, if the cockatiel is not able to fly, it’s safer. Why don’t you use the best cockatiel cage for the purpose? It’s equipped with secure locks.

Anyway, the bird won’t escape. A lot of hidden dangers are avoided for sure. For example, the parrot won’t fly into the ceiling fan’s blades. The bird won’t get outside, even if the window is open in summer. The cockatiel avoids bumping into a mirror or glass door…

Additionally, the pet is more dependent on you. It’s becoming domesticated, calm. Is one of your cockatiels too messy, noisy or bully? If he wants to kill his mate, it would be a kind of just punishment. Do you keep two male birds in the same cage? It would be better to settle them apart. Meanwhile, Yo-Yo tried to peck Sweetie at first. I had to restrict his activity.

Cockatiel vs. budgie: are there any differences in trimming the wings of birds? I believe that there should be no particular differences in this matter.

Drawbacks of Clipping Cockatiels’ Wings

clipping cockatiel wings and nails

Is it really necessary to do it? According to the World Parrot Trust Organization, it’s recommended to leave the birds with feathers. Mr. Cravens advises to do it only in case of medical necessity.

Otherwise, the process may harm the birds. They won’t be able to:

  1. Exercise.
  2. Fly around.
  3. Feel self-confident and alert.

Wings clipping may affect cockatiels’ athletic and aerobic health. Their muscles become weak. Additionally, the feathers make them safe from animals’ attacks and falls. Have you got another pet? A cat or dog could harm the birds. Their alertness is impaired.

How to Cut Cockatiels Wings?

Are you concerned about your birds’ safety? Try to train your cherished cockatiels. The parrot is to return when you call him or her. The birds’ behavior is modified. They stay healthy and happy.

The injured wing is a serious health problem for cockatiels. It may start bleeding. The bird can get depressed. So, if you don’t know, how to clip bird wings, the cockatiel would feel it. Avoid anxiety and stress. Ask your avian vet to do it the first time.

Afterward, doing it at home, follow some simple tips:

  • don’t clip baby cockatiel’s wings;
  • avoid cutting blood feathers of cockatiel;
  • get large, sharp scissors;
  • trim both wings regularly;
  • use a towel to wrap the bird.

Clipping cockatiel wings is recommended in the due age. Is your pet bird able to fly already? If so, it’s possible. The parrot is to be not younger than 2-3 months old.

How Many Feathers Should You Cut?

Start with the outer ones.

Primary flights1-10
Secondary flights1-15

Start with the primary covert, number 10-9. Clip two outer feathers on each wing. Test the birds flying. Wait for a week. Cut the next 2 feathers. The total quantity can be about 5-7. Only the ends of the feathers are to be cut. If the shaft is dark, it’s a growing (blood) feather. Just leave it as it is.

Trimming Cockatiel Wings

If you do it properly, the process is painless. It causes no discomfort to the cockatiel. The bird will be able to fly afterward. The clipping purpose is just to limit flight. Removing it completely is not necessary.

Additionally, the bird should not feel stress. A terrified cockatiel would try to break free. So, try to stay relaxed. Don’t constrict the cockatiel’s chest. Use a towel to prevent biting. A styptic powder should be at hand. Test the birds fly afterward. Check the feather every month. Commonly, clipping is to be done every 6-8 weeks.

How to Trim Cockatiel Nails?

how to trim cockatiel nailsCockatiels’ nails are to be cut. They should not be too sharp. Otherwise, they would cause pain on your arm. The birds could scratch your kids. Additionally, the nails would get snagged in the carpets or your sweater.

Trimming cockatiel nails is not difficult. Fortunately, the special tool is available. It is called the nail-clipper. A small tool designed for people can be used.

Clipping the cockatiel’s nails:

  1. Wrap the bird by a towel.
  2. Cut a tiny bit end of the nail.
  3. Avoid hurting the fleshy part of the toe.

Hold the bird gently. Proceed the same way as with the wings clipping. The bird is to relax. How to avoid blooding? See the vain in the claw. It looks like a thin red line. Don’t touch it. Cut only the nail that is black.

How to Keep Cockatiels Nails Short?

Are you afraid of cutting your cockatiels’ nails? Do you consider this procedure to be dangerous or exhausting? Just avoid it. The bird’s nails can be naturally groomed. Use a rough perch, therefore. It can be made of:

  • cement;
  • sand;
  • concrete;
  • pumice;
  • emery.

Are your parrot nails too long? The bird just files them. Place the perch in the favorite cockatiel’s place. It can be near food. Just where your pet likes sitting. The perches are secure. They come with non-slip footing.

Do you know how to trim a cockatiel’s beak? A perch would help the bird to keep it in good shape. Do you want to cut it? The parrot can chew you. It is dangerous. So, if you need to groom your cockatiel, see your avian vet.

General Verdict

If you have no experience, avoid any risk of injury. Get professional assistance.

But in general, if there is no global need, do not do it! Your favorite bird can be very upset.

Video Instruction: How to Trim Cockatiel Wings Easily?


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